Agency Forms

collapse Category : Address Confidentiality Program ‎(2)
ACP BrochureInformation about the Address Confidentiality Program
ACP FAQInformation about the Address Confidentiality Program
collapse Category : Certifications & Authentications ‎(2)
Authentications and certification request formTo verify the authenticity of signatures on documents for individuals to submit to foreign governments
Manual SignatureAn officer of a State agency files an original signature with this office so that a copy of the signature can be used in place of the original signature.
collapse Category : Charitable Registration Forms and Instructions ‎(4)
Annual Update of Registration Instructions and FormTo file annual update of registration for organizations soliciting charitable contributions
Exempt Organization Fund-Raising Notice Instructions and FormRequired to be filed annually by charitable organizations that raise less than $25,000 in charitable contributions or solicit contributions for a named individual
Form COF-85 Instructions and FormForm to be filled out by organizations not filing form 990 or 990-EZ
Initial Registration Instructions and Form (COR-92)Application to register for the first time with this office as a charitable organization to solicit charitable contributions in Maryland.
collapse Category : Other Forms ‎(7)
Assignment of MarkAny person who adopts and uses a mark in Maryland may file in the Office of the Secretary of State an application for registration of the mark.
Ceremonial Pen RequestCeremonial pens, used to sign bills during that years General Assembly session.
Condominium ApplicationThe Maryland Condominium Act requires a Public Offering Statement for all residential condominiums being offered for sale in Maryland to be registered with this office  regardless of the location of the condominium
Insignia ApplicationAny person who adopts and uses an insignia in Maryland may file with this office an application for registration of the insignia.
Public DisclosureA business which enters into contracts, leases or other agreements with the State, is required to file with this office a form containing the name and address of any resident agent of the business, each officer of the business.
Trademark ApplicationTrademark or Service Mark Registration or Renewal Form
Use of Flag FormUse of the Maryland State Flag
Professional Solicitor Accounting ReportInterim report filed by the professional solicitor annually for each individual fundraising drive; to be filed at annual registration.  Final report filed within 3 months after the end of each individual fundraising drive.
Professional Solicitor Fund-Raising Notice Instructions and FormFiled when a professional solicitor starts a public solicitation for a charity
Professional Solicitor, Fund-Raising Counsel, and Public Safety Solicitor Registration Instructions and FormThis is a form that can be used to register as a Professional Solicitor, Fund-Raising Counsel, and Public Safety Solicitor. Previously, this was 3 separate forms.
Professional Solicitor/Public Safety Solicitor/Surety BondProfessional Solicitor and Public Safety Solicitor must submit a surety bond for $25,000 when filing their registration
collapse Category : Real Property Raffle Forms and Instructions ‎(3)
Disclosure Statement for Raffles of PropertyA charitable organization conducting a raffle of real property files this disclosure statement at least 10 business days prior to the advertisement of the raffle or the sale of any chance or ticket
Raffle of real property winner formCertification by raffle winner
Real Property Raffle Accounting ReportThis accounting report must be completed by a charity at the conclusion of a raffle of real property.